Common myths


Obtaining therapy is a sign of weakness.

It takes a great amount of emotional strength to seek for help for issues that may be too overwhelming to manage alone. Therapy can be viewed as a healthy way to invest in yourself and your family and other significant relationships. Therapy can allow you to experience healing, empowerment, confidence and growth that in return allows you to thrive in your relationships and throughout your life’s journeys!


A therapist cannot understand me because a therapist is not going through it personally like I am.

Each person is unique just as each journey is unique; therefore, complete understanding can be very difficult. However, Dr. Perry possesses training that allows her to be sensitive, respectful, and insightful to these unique life experiences for each client. These unique experiences may include concerns surrounding gender, age, cultural background, racial/ethnic differences, sexual orientation, gender identity, family-of-origin, or socioeconomic issues.  

“I am passionate and committed to holistic healing on every human level and look forward to joining you on your life journey as your therapist!”


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